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An Introduction

I’m a freelance WordPress developer from York, Yorkshire, UK. I’ve gained over 15 years commercial experience spending 4 years working for a digital agency in Harrogate and over 10 years as a self-employed web development freelancer. In that time I’ve built sites for many companies, large and small around the world.

Until recently I owned and ran a WordPress themes site (FrogsThemes.com) with my business partner Gary (thefloatingfrog.co.uk); so I’ve gained some invaluable industry knowledge there.

We both still co-own a Logo Design company (logodesignuk.co.uk) and a Corporate Identity company (corporateidentity.co.uk) and are planning the next stage of our development in the WordPress themes market.

Outside of work I enjoy playing football, cycling, playing guitar and meeting up with friends for a cheeky beverage :)

I currently split my time between the UK and Valencia, Spain. I am continuing to work with all my contacts for any WordPress development in the UK whilst out here and booking in any meetings with them while I am over in the UK. The beauty of modern technology is that so long as I have a computer and an internet connection I can code WordPress sites in Valencia, Spain or anywhere :)

Do you have a project or any questions I can help with?