Project Description

Farmison are experts in all things meat. They deal primarily in heritage, high quality, sustainable produce. I’ve sample plenty of it and can honestly say it tastes great.

I have been working with Farmison on a regular basis for around 18 months alongside their in-house backend developer improving their older site and then creating this new one.

The site is built on the Zend framework and is a full e-commerce solution. My work with Farmison has been mainly to create the front end of the site from the PSDs designs I was sent over; making sure it’s nice and responsive, light and robust.

Working alongside the in-house backend developer, we have been keeping the site in toe with git which has meant we can both easily work on it without causing any issues.

I have also worked on creating eflyers for Farmison and maintaining their current WordPress community site. I have also dabbled a little in the Zend framework here and there.