Shear-ly not! – Shaving Douglas Radburn's head for Comic Relief

Comic Relief 2009 at 9xb

Well, it’s that time of year again where people do crazy things in aid of Comic Refief. Countless employees around the UK will be the victim of the head shaving experience on this day, but at 9xb it was Doug’s turn to face the ‘shear’ embarassment.

It didn’t start off well though as you can see by the first image, the clippers gave up the ghost after much trying of getting through the first layer of hair on Doug’s trusty bouffon.

“My head itches” – Doug
“Trust me Doug, that’s the least of your worries” – Nick

After the false start and Gyles having to go out to get some new clippers, it was eventually possible to get going on the behemoth that is (or was) Doug’s hair.

I’d say it took a good hour before the hair had gone from bush to chessboard to tidy, trimmed….well skin head!

As this was all in aid of Comic Relief, the hat was passed round and money plopped in from all angles. Eventually 9xb managed o scrape together a healthy £160! Well done chaps!