William Shakesbeer – Secondhand English Books and Craft Beer in Valencia

It was a long time coming.

After buying a pallet and a half of secondhand books in February 2020 our initial idea was to open up a new shop space in Valencia selling affordable secondhand English books and also some of the best craft beer from around the world. But then as we all know, the pandemic hit.

We reassessed, decided it wasn’t the best time to rent a physical shop space in the current climate and opted to go online only to begin with. So we’ve spent the last year, cataloguing a couple of thousand books, taking many many photos, uploading the stock to the website and then creating the website. A momentous number of hours were put into that and we’re so pleased to finally be able to offer our affordable secondhand English books and craft beer in Valencia and across Spain.

We still plan to open up a physical store in Valencia when the time is right but for now you’ll find all our stock online at shakesbeer.es. The books are all on there and we’re adding more all the time. The craft beer will follow shortly and we’re very excited about that too 🙂

Also on the agenda are a number of popup stores across the region, both in the city of Valencia and the Valencian region.

William Shakesbeer- Secondhand English Books and Craft Beers in Spain