Farmison & Co wins award for Best Company Website

A long term client of mine Farmison & Co have won the award for Best Company Website in the Harrogate Advertiser Business Awards.

It is in well deserved recognition for all the hard work that the team at Farmison & Co have put into the transformation from the old site to the new one which can be seen here:

Farmison & Co offer heritage meat online direct to your door. Encouraging people to buy quality produce and to ‘Eat Better Meat’.

I have been working with Farmison & Co for over 2 years now, initially maintaining the front end development additions to their then current site as well as updates to the WordPress community site they also have.

Since then the company has progressed, moving into new premises, merging the online sales and butchery into one central hub. With that development it was decided to improve the look and feel of the website. Being the main income for the company it was vitally important that it was easy for customers to buy from.

Along with Gary Hartley (The Floating Frog) creating a stripped back design that makes the most of the great stock of images they hold of their meat and my front end development to make sure the designs come to life and respond well on tablet/mobile devices, Farmison & Co have created a great website that shows off their produce to the best of its ability.

A lot of the leg work is undoubtedly down to the in-house back end development team and Lee and John themselves for making the site what it is with their vision, but it’s great to be a part of the team that has created this website which has now won this award 🙂

Oh and the meat tastes amazing…I have sampled a lot 😉