Konami Code – Sites that use the Konami Code

What is A Konami Code?

The Konami Code (or Konami Command) is essentially a cheat code that cropped up on a lot of Konami’s games. It was first used in the mid 80’s on a game called Gradius which was released on the NES.

The Konami Code is used by pausing the game and then hitting the following buttons:

You can find a full list of games that used the Konami Code here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Konami_code_games

Konami Code Sites

The list of sites that use the Konami Code can be found be cracking the code on this site: http://konamicodesites.com/. But if you’re feeling lazy and can’t be bothered, here is the list so far:

Website URL
Konamicodesites.com http://konamicodesites.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php (Konami Code + Enter, then click or type!)
Google Reader http://google.com/reader (you need to log-in)
Digg http://digg.com (try it on a page with comments. But not working in Safari 4, booo)
Mint http://www.designologue.com/mint
jQuery http://jquery.com
Brightkite http://brightkite.com
Zeno.name http://zeno.name
Specced for Awesome http://www.speccedforawesome.com/forum (Konami Code + Enter, Enter, Enter,…)
AdventureQuest Worlds http://www.aq.com/aw-designnotes.asp
AIM Express http://www.aim.com/aimexpress.adp (Launch AIM Express, log-in, perform Konami and click on top-left box)
Geek & Hype http://www.geekandhype.com
Cornify http://www.cornify.com (Konami Code + Enter, Enter, Enter,…)
Paul Irish http://paulirish.com (Konami Code + Enter, Enter, Enter,…)
Cubeecraft http://www.cubeecraft.com (Konami Code, then click Download)
Patrick A. Carrell Design http://www.patrickacarrell.com
Whomwah.com http://whomwah.com (Konami Code + Enter)
Absolute Bica http://www.absolutebica.com
Uncrate http://www.uncrate.com
Netlog http://en.netlog.com
Logicbox.net http://logicbox.net
MillionDollarCu.be http://milliondollarcu.be
Geek stuff http://geek.thinkunique.org (expect music)
GameSpot http://www.gamespot.com (Konami Code + Enter)
Giant Bomb http://www.giantbomb.com (Konami Code + Enter)
The Daily of UW http://dailyuw.com
Lifthill.com http://www.lifthill.com
9ko.fr http://www.9ko.fr
GamePro http://www.gamepro.com
Qiwi http://qiwi.be (Konami Code + Enter, Enter, Enter,…)
Video Game Obsession http://www.videogameobsession.com (Konami Code + Enter)
Open Ended Adventure http://www.openendedadventure.com
Krsnsk http://www.krsnsk.com
RobotAcid http://www.robotacid.com
satf.se http://satf.se
Pixel Charge http://www.pixelcharge.com (Konami Code + Enter)
Full On Design http://www.fullondesign.co.uk
SingleFunction http://singlefunction.com
Ignomanía http://ignomania.com.ar
Hideou.se http://hideou.se
Shudder http://shudder.daemonette.org
Chromium 53 http://53cr.com
SoundClick http://www.soundclick.com (Konami Code + Enter, Enter, Enter,…)
Leihu.com http://leihu.com
Cleard.com http://www.cleard.com
Jonsdorfer Falken http://jonsdorferfalken.de (Konami Code + Enter, Enter, Enter,…)
LOG Magazine http://www.log.com.tr
Damnyeah.de http://www.damnyeah.de
ServerHex http://serverhex.com
After DOOMSDAY Archives http://add.info.tm
64media.net http://www.64media.net
BuySellAds.com http://buysellads.com
InterGraphicDESIGNS http://www.intergraphicdesigns.com
Voccine.com http://voccine.com
zAmazing Shop http://www.zamazing-shop.com (Enter the code repeatedly)
Hardware.no http://www.hardware.no
CloneWeb http://www.cloneweb.net (Konami Code + Enter)
Eren Emre Kanal http://www.erenemre.com (Konami Code + Enter)
My Name is E http://www.mynameise.com
Binärpilot http://binaerpilot.no
dango design http://dangodesign.net
Kuppiya.com http://kuppiya.com
DancesportInfo.net http://dancesportinfo.net
Kings Of Code http://kingsofcode.org
Plurk http://www.plurk.com (Do it on any Plurk profile)
memento http://www.mmnt.nl
Panda Games http://pandagames.biz
Bandit Design http://www.bandit.co.nz
WebNotes http://www.webnotes.net
GeneralGames.ca http://www.generalgames.ca (Konami Code + Enter)
Qbreis http://www.qbreis.com/
ThinkingLab http://www.thinkinglab.net (Konami Code + Enter)
Super Chick Sisters http://www.peta2.com/superchicksisters/index.asp (Konami Code + Enter)
Micro Place https://www.microplace.com (Konami Code + Enter)
Sean Hood http://seanhood.co.uk
Creative Closeup http://www.creativecloseup.com