is a site that myself and a couple of colleagues are working on. The idea is to cut out the middle man and sell/rent out your home yourself or to advertise that you have a room for rent in a shared house. So if you wish to sell your house privately and without the help of an estate agent, this is gonna be the place to go!

Hold on tight….

The is currently a holding page set up (on the left) at Here you can view our Twitter feed, signup to receive updates on when the site is put live and any future progress before then.
You can also sign up as a beta tester, to have a proper good crack at breaking things and reporting any bugs back to us before the site goes live. So sign up and help us out!

Savings calculator…

We have plugged in a simple calculator gives you an idea of how much you could save when selling your house privately as oppsed to selling your house through an agency. This money is saved mainly from the agents fees and how much commission they will charge for the privilege.

Floaty light….

One aim of the site is to make things easy for the user when selling their property. But as it is the buyers and people wanting to rent/find a room who will be driving the site, the main focus will be on making the searching easy for them. Using the Google map API will help us a great deal, but also using technologies such as jQuery and AJAX should create a ‘light’ feel to the site and encourage the user to return.

We aim to cover all areas of people wanting properties, so will have a section for house buyers, prospective tenants looking for housing and people looking for single rooms in shared houses.

So keep an eye on things and the launch of the site which will be coming soon…