Gorgeous Cottages

Project Description

If you are looking for a relaxing break in an idyllic country cottage in Yorkshire then this is where you will find it. Gorgeous Cottages specialise in finding owners with the perfect place to stay and displaying them on their site for us all to book.

I was originally called in to manage the existing site for Gorgeous Cottages after their current developer left. Since then we have created a new site for them to make automatic bookings online.

The site is linked up to the Planyo API so I used that to pull out all the listings, create the search and manage the bookings within the WordPress site that I created.

The redesign and rebuild brought the site in line with modern standards, being designed with responsiveness for tablet and mobile in mind. And it also makes the process a lot easier for the end client as well as Gorgeous Cottages themselves when it comes to managing bookings.