Rain Rescue

Project Description

Rain Rescue are a registered charity helping pets, primarily dogs, in need in South Yorkshire. Rain Rescue was founded by Jacquie Neilson after she saw some lost and stray dogs in a Huddersfield council dog pound. Jacquie was horrified at the conditions these dogs had been kept in and ultimately put to sleep from.  She decided to do something about it.

Rain Rescue were having a few issues with their current website being difficult to update, it looked outdated and generally in need of some help itself.

That’s where The Floating Frog and I came on board to help out. We guided Jacquie and her team through the process of what we’d suggest doing to improve the site and take it on a level.

The site needed to get across the purpose of Rain Rescue, off a channel for donations and most importantly offer information about current pets that need rehoming. A key point was also to make it easy for Jacquie and the team to manage going forward.

The end product is a fully responsive website, with key calls to action to guide users to the important locations on the website. We managed to mould the site around a tight budget, with it being for a charity, but didn’t need to compromise on the end product at all.